Our Founder, Laura Jacobs

    For nearly thirty years, I have been an advocate for wellness. My journey began in my own home when my oldest child experienced repeated and unsolvable ear infections. As crazy as it may sound, because of those experiences, the course of every life in our family changed forever. Cody gave me cause as a young mother to say, “There has to be a better way.” 
    All these decades later, I know now, more than ever, I am called to this work. The work of inviting and igniting a healer in every home. I was born to disrupt the kind of ignorance that drove me, as a young mom, to blindly follow poor counsel from a trusted medical advisor that led to a series of what I know now to be totally avoidable health risks. Instead, they became an oncoming train that eventually took its toll and altered the course of our son’s life forever. It was a big price to pay. Still is. Every day. 

    In our home, however, we chose to call it good. We found perfection in imperfection. Had it not been for Cody’s suffering, we would perhaps still be living a limited existence, unawares of the true liberation that comes from lives led by self-directed healthcare. And it is for this same kind of journey, so many have come to me, searching for a way forward.
    I pledged long ago to lead this movement, teaching the same principles that made me a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. Rest assured, I have refined the practices I’ve taught over decades, all while directly serving and learning from tens of thousands of amazing people.

    I value, more than ever, access to possibilities and so do the people in my tribe. Others may want a liner, 2D world where there is one straight line to a single, calculated answer. Not me. Not my tribe. We know better. We do better. That’s not even reality. 
    What IS real is knowing we are multi-dimensional beings, each with a need to be seen and heard for WHO we are and WHERE we are. To learn to trust one’s own intuition, inspiration, imagination, and embrace individualization, THAT is true freedom. 
    Join me, and our magnificent tribe of leaders, to a place where hearts and minds are open wide with a hunger for learning how to think and solve for ourselves, and in a quest to forever be a healer in our homes!

    I believe in the possibility of a healer in EVERY home, where each member of each household is given an enviornment in which they have the freedom to flourish.

    —Laura Jacobs